Sunday, May 17, 2009

InfoQ is offering online training classes on Cloud Computing, SOA and Agile Design topics

InfoQ web site is offering virtual training classes on topics like Cloud Computing, SOA and Agile Design hosted by reputed speakers like John Davies, Jim Webber, and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

These classes are not free (each class is currently priced @ $65 for one-hour "Briefing Session" and $135 for a half-day "Training Session"). The first training session is next Wednesday (May 27).

This is a good opportunity for software developers and architects who want to learn new technologies by attending a live training class and at the same time not spend a fortune that they would otherwise spend in attending technology conferences in person.

For more details on the new virtual training program, check out this link:

If any of you attend these classes, let me know what you think about the quality and if the price is worth the class. Also, if any one has other topics they would like to see online training classes, e-mail me with the topic names. I will pass along the feedback and suggestions to the training program organizers.


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