Sunday, May 17, 2009

Architecture Enforcement Presentation at SEI Architecture (SATURN) 2009 Conference

I attended the SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) 2009 Conference in Pittsburgh last week.

I gave a presentation at the conference on the topic Architecture Enforcement and Governance Using Aspects. I discussed an architecture enforcement framework I created to "inject" architecture rules and design policies into the application code as part of the Continuous Integration (CI) process using Aspects to enforce quality of the code.

This framework uses tools like Eclipse, AJDT and Maven to integrate policy enforcement into the agile development process to detect architecture deviations early and often and validates that the design and code are in compliance with the Reference Architecture (RA).

The response from the attendees was pretty good. There were questions on how to take the architecture enforcement back to the design documents like Class and Sequence Diagrams (UML) as well.

Overall, SATURN conference experience was excellent. This was my first time attending it. It was a good opportunity to learn more about the techniques and best practices in the areas of architecture evaluation, validation, and assessment.

Some of the highlights from the conference are:

For more details on the events from the conference, check out this conference blog site.

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