Monday, February 28, 2011

Training Class on Enterprise Java Application Development using Spring and Hibernate

I am organizing a free training class in the Austin area on "Enterprise Java Development Using Spring and Hibernate Frameworks". If you live in the area and are interested in attending this class, here is the registration link:

Training Class Details:

Training: Enterprise Java Application Development using Spring and Hibernate

Session Format: Tutorial
Date: March 12, 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 9 AM to 1 PM
Duration: 4 hours
Target Audience: Java/Java EE Developers and Solution Architects
Session Type: Introductory (Note: If you are already familiar with Spring and Hibernate frameworks, feel free to skip this class and sign-up for the next session where I will cover the advanced topics in Spring.)

Location: IASA Global Headquarters

11044 Research Blvd.
Suite B-400
Austin, TX 78759

Since its first release back in 2004, Spring Framework has become a popular choice for developing enterprise applications. At the core, Spring supports Dependency Injection (DI), Aspect-oriented Programming (AOP), and enterprise service abstraction. After a brief overview of design concepts like DI and AOP, this tutorial focuses on the last part - enterprise service abstraction that helps the Java developers to integrate their applications with many widely used technologies.

In this tutorial, we will build a web application based on the widely used application architecture layers (Database, Data Access, Domain, Service, Controller, and Presentation), add persistence (using JPA and Hibernate 3) in the DA layer and transaction management (using Spring Transaction Management) in the Service layer. We will add the application security (authentication & role based authorization) to the application using Spring Security.

Tutorial Outline (with estimated coverage time in minutes):
- Introduction (15)
- Example Web Application Setup Details (15)
- Spring Lightweight Container Architecture, including Inversion of Control (IoC) (15)
- Pragmatic AOP (15)
- Agile, domain-driven design techniques with Spring (15)
- Unit testing in isolation (15)
- System integration testing support (15)
- Persistence (using JDBC and JPA/Hibernate options) (30)
- Declarative transaction management (30)
- Validation (15)
- Spring Security (Authentication & Authorization) (15)

Key Takeaways:
You will leave with the practical knowledge of using Spring and Hibernate in developing enterprise Java web applications.

- Working knowledge of Java/JavaEE technologies
- Familiarity with development tools like Eclipse IDE, Maven, and JUnit.
- Bring your laptops to this tutorial as it will be a hands-on workshop and come ready to code.