Sunday, March 29, 2009

New England Software Symposium Presentations

I recently spoke at New England Software Symposium in Boston. The conference was excellent, my talks were very well received. It was a great opportunity to network with other speakers and share my ideas with the attendees.

At the conference, I gave 3 presentations:

The sessions on "Architecture Enforcement using Aspects" and "Domain Driven Development" drew bigger crowds than I anticipated. The attendees asked good questions and expressed interest in the architecture enforcement framework I discussed and demonstrated in the presentation. I am still getting e-mails from the attendees with follow-up discussion on the talks. I also got couple of suggestions on improving the presentation. I am updating the presentations to focus on the parts that were more interesting to the audience.

I want to thank every one who attended my sessions and gave valuable feedback and comments on the presentation topics.

This was my first trip to the city of Boston. It's an excellent city. I enjoyed my short stay and looking forward to visiting there again in the future.

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