Sunday, December 28, 2008

CodeMash 2009 Conference Next Month

I will be attending CodeMash 2009 Conference next month on January 7, 8 and 9. On the first day of the conference, there will be PreCompiler sessions with Code Jam sessions and workshops. The main conference schedule and sessions look very interesting. One thing I noticed about the conference sessions and the speakers is that this is one of those no fluff conferences where the speakers and attendees are IT geeks who have practical knowledge and experience of the topics they are presenting on, which should result in a rewarding experience to the attendees.

Some of the sessions I am planning on attending are listed below:

Day 1:

  • Value Stream Mapping Workshop (Host: Mary Poppendieck)
  • Kanban 101 (David Laribee)
Day 2:
  • Programming in Scala (Speaker: Venkat Subramaniam)
  • RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex (Speaker: James Ward)
  • Dynamic Languages and the JVM (Speaker: Nathaniel Schutta)
  • Thrashing (Speaker: Mary Poppendieck)
  • Functional Concepts for OOP Developers (Speaker: Bryan Weber)
Day 3:
  • Grease, a Parallel Systems Architecture (Speaker: Edward Vielmetti)
  • Language Oriented DDD (Speaker: David Laribee)
  • Executable Documentation with easyb (Speaker: Andrew Glover)
All-in-all, I am looking forward to meeting other passionate Java, .NET, Python and Ruby developers there and network with regional user group leaders.

If anyone is attending the conference, let me know. We can get together for a cup of coffee or brew.