Monday, May 26, 2008

ActiveMQ 5.1 Supports JMS Destination Monitoring and MSMQ Bridge

Apache ActiveMQ Version 5.1 release is out. It has some interesting new features for destination monitoring (via JMX), priority message ordering and a Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) to ActiveMQ Bridge with the new msmq transport component. Check out this news item on InfoQ about all the features supported by AMQ 5.1 release.


Vik said...

hie srini

sorry to use comments but i wanted to send u a message. Actually i am a total beginner and reading springs for last 1 week. could u point me to some too good ways of starting springs?

srinip said...

The best thing is to buy a book (Spring In Action from Manning Publishers is a good one) or check out Spring Framework online documentation on their website.
Good luck.

michaelvk said...
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